Christine Carter

Christine grew up in the antiques trade (literally)
and loves everything about it...
Christine Carter


She loves the antique dealers, she loves their stories and characters, she loves the gear.... in particular she likes Georgian furniture and anything Art Deco or Art Nouveau, but she also enjoys the fun of vintage. If she's being honest, anodised is her thing and she has a LOT of it!


Christine and her husband Sean live with a multitude of animals that includes two horses, two dogs, a cat, cockatiel, fish and some chickens (she tells anyone who will listen that they're underrated as pets), as well a rescue indoor rabbit who has her own Instagram account. The rabbit, not Christine.


She and Sean also enjoy cycling and regularly compete in mountain biking and cyclocross. Christine also has a passion for photography and shoots for the magazine Antiques and Collectables for Pleasure & Profit, as well as the Carter Sisters Handbook.


She is, as Julie once described her, 'irritatingly optimistic.'